Milan Fashion Week (Uomo): Dsquared² Spring Summer 2012

For their latest menswear collection Dsquared² takes us on a trip around Europe. Starting with a trek through the mountains and fjords of Scandinavia before spending the rest of the vacation through the sun-drenched beaches of Mykonos, those scenic romantic nights of Florence, and the posh party streets of London.

For our stay in Scandinavia Dsquared² adopts a sporty look with multi-colored garments: light waterproof jackets, colorful knitted sweaters and hats, ankle lenght trousers with thick socks and colorful boots. Our next stop is Mykonos. We’re going to the beach wearing hotpants, sexy swimwear, flip-flops… all in bright colors. After tanning the days away we’re ready for a romantic stay in Florence. Dsquared² adopts an Italian look with refined and chic tailored suits, double-breasted blazers, ankle length trousers and handmade leather sandals. Our last stop is London and we’re going for a more rock ‘n roll look. Skinny silhouettes, studs, leather, animal prints… and we’re ready for a night around town.


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